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2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU- 000029188

E-makers is a project within the Erasmus+ program (no. 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029188). This project, with the collaboration of the five European partners TDM 2000 INTERNATIONAL from Italy; IMPACT HUB ZAGREB from Croatia; SYGD from Turkey; and CIVES MUNDI from Spain, seeks to enhance social and environmental entrepreneurship activities through digital technologies. Digital transformation provides a parallel growth of socio-environmental and financial value for social enterprises. Therefore, sustainability can be achieved through the involvement of digital technologies.

Likewise, the ultimate goal is, through innovative methodologies and tools, to improve the social entrepreneurship activities of young people using digitalization. The project which will last 24 months has several activities planned, international meetings, dissemination activities, virtual meetings, etc. The three main activities around which the entire project will revolve will be:

  1. A non-formal learning toolkit for digital social entrepreneurship. This pack will be produced for youth workers to enhance their skills and resources to train young people on social entrepreneurship and environmental challenges, including digital opportunities.
  2. A manual on digitalization. This action will improve the advanced digital skills of youth workers. The handbook will cover all stages and workflows of social enterprises, including data management, financial management and marketing, education, research and capacity building activities for environmental issues.
  3. A Virtual board game. The gamification methodology attracts the attention of young people and has proven to be very effective. This activity will enhance the social entrepreneurship skills of youth workers and young people in an innovative and funny way.