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Cives Mundi

Cives Mundi is a non-profit organisation (NGO) funded in 1987 in Soria (Spain). It has worked in international development projects in more than 22 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Topics: rural development, food security, combating climate change, etc. all under a gender approach, environmental sustainability and with a HHRR approach.

In 2011 Cives Mundi began to turn the experience gained in international development by promoting that development model in its region.

How? Promoting social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Spain, with a focus on rural and sparsely populated areas, understanding that entrepreneurship and social innovation can be tools that contribute to alleviate the process of depopulation by fixing population in these areas and attracting talent to them.

So in 2011 El Hueco was launched.

El Hueco started as a co-working and multifunctional space and social-enterprise incubator. It aims at creating a favourable environment for the creation and development of social innovation and social enterprises, particularly in sparsely populated areas (SPAs), such as Soria.

Policy approach (wide range of activities): Incubation / acceleration ; networking; tailored    training / mentoring; communication; knowledge   sharing; funding; lobbying; raising awareness.