First Transnational Project Meetings

First Transnational Project Meetings

The Xul Foundation leads the European project 'E-makers', which starts in Cordoba

On 25th and 26th of March started in Cordoba the European project 'E-makers', led from Spain by the Xul Foundation, in which four other entities from other countries are participating. The aim is, within the framework of the Erasmus + program, to improve social and environmental entrepreneurship activities of youth work through digitization.

During the meeting, the Turkish, Croatian, Italian and Spanish partners of the project have studied the strategies and activities to be carried out during the 24 months that E-makers lasts.Through the project, the aim is to provide young people with digital skills and innovative tools to create social enterprises that have a positive impact on the environment and, at the same time, are economically viable.

To achieve these objectives, different activities aimed at young people will be programmed around the three lines of action of the project. On the one hand, a package of learning tools for digital social entrepreneurship will be created. In addition, a manual on digitalization will be developed and, finally, a virtual board game will be created, with the aim of reaching young people more easily through gamification.

The digital transformation provides a parallel growth of socio-environmental and financial value for social enterprises so that sustainability can be achieved through the involvement of digital technologies.

E-makers is a project managed by the Instituto de la Juventud (Injuve) and led by the Xul Foundation, with the collaboration of TDM 2000 International, from Italy; Impact Hub Zagreb, from Croatia; SYGD, from Turkey; as well as the NGO Association Cives Mundi, from Spain.