Fourth Transnational Project Meetings

Fourth Transnational Project Meetings
On the 10th and 11th of October, we celebrated the last international meeting of the #Emakersproject , since, after two years of work, it is in its final slope.
Partners from Spain (ONGD Cives Mundi), Turkey (@SYDG), and Italy (TDM 2000 International ) met in #Cagliari, Italy, allowing Croatian partners of @Impact Hub Zagreb to connect via video call.
The first day was a very intense day where various topics were discussed. Among them, we talked about the work done so far, the pending activities, and the budget and reminded about some small changes that need to be incorporated into the results that are already finished. We also talked about the multiplier event that each partner will take in their country during the next weeks to show the results of the project and we were
testing result 3, the virtual board game.
At this point, we stopped quite a bit as the game still showed many issues and we had to continue testing it, so we came to two conclusions, first, that we would need an extension of the project and second, that the second day in Cagliari would be devoted largely to discuss and test the game in more detail. In fact, TDM invited Italian volunteers during the second day to give us feedback on the game. SYDG even recorded the
attendees so that we could later pass on any issues and improvements to the developers.
Quite fruitful days that culminated with the partners' lunch & dinner to also clear our minds with a good Italian pizza and other delicatessen.