Second Transnational Project Meetings

Second Transnational Project Meetings
The second transnational meeting of the project was successfully held in Ankara/Turkey, hosted by SYGD.
At the meeting held on 17 and 18 November, the partner institutions discussed the progress of the project. They presented their work to support and empower young people and youth workers on digital-social entrepreneurship.
At the meeting, first output of the project, "The Non-Formal Toolkit of Digital Social Entrepreneurship" was examined. Partner institutions announced the parts they produced. In this way, work began to create the first version of the first output.
Then, outlines were determined for the second output of the project, "The manual for digitalization of social enterprises". For the second output, the work was started after the distribution of tasks.
Partner institutions shared their ideas for Virtual Board Game: "e-Makers", the third and final output of the project. Various demos for the third output were shown at the meeting.
LTT activities and virtual trainings required for the implementation and testing of the project outputs were discussed. A dissemination strategy was created to deliver the outputs to more target groups.
In this way, steps were taken to strengthen previously determined digital-social initiatives, digital transformation, environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship values.