Multiplier Event in Turkiye

Multiplier Event in Turkiye


The Multiplier Event was held in Ankara on December 26, 2023, targeting young individuals. The identified target group consists of high-achieving youth in the top 1% national success ranking in Turkiye, characterized by high entrepreneurial potential. A total of 73 young participants attended the face-to-face activity, which took place from 12:00 to 17:30. The language of the event was Turkish.

The objectives of the activity are as follows:

  • Informing young people about the project's goals, activities, objectives, and scope.
  • Introducing young people to the Erasmus+ program.
  • Transmitting the project's outcomes to young people.
  • Encouraging and increasing awareness of entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Obtaining feedback on the project outputs from the target groups.
  • Ensuring wider dissemination of project outputs to more young people.
  • Developing the communication and collaboration network of our association.

Activity Content:

The project presentation was enriched by the inclusion of a Turkish translation, expertly prepared by Fundación XUL, ensuring comprehensive understanding and maximizing the impact of the information presented. A brief overview of the Erasmus+ program was provided to the target groups, including an explanation of the project type. Additionally, the project's purpose, objectives, partner institutions, and detailed information about the project outputs were presented. A video containing participant opinions on the LTT activity of the project was shown to the target groups. Following the completion of the presentation, a question-and-answer session took place. In the Q&A session, young people asked questions related to youth work, the Erasmus+ program, and entrepreneurship, all of which were answered with great care and clarity.

Following the conclusion of the presentation, a formal registration form was circulated to collect participants' contact information. This form captured attendees' names, surnames, phone numbers, email addresses, and signatures for future reference and engagement. Participants were informed that an online evaluation form would be sent to them after the event, and each participant would receive a digital certificate related to this activity. After the presentation, our project outputs, specifically the e-Makers game, were introduced and experienced by participants in three different groups in a computer room. Due to the large number of participants and limited time, participants were organized into teams of three for the competition. Each participant was given the opportunity to experience the game. After completing the game, all feedback received from participants was positive, and it was observed that the game was highly interesting to young people during the activity.

On December 27, 2023, an online evaluation form and participation certificates were sent to all participants via email. After all participants filled out the evaluation forms, a report on the obtained data will be presented.