Multiplier Event in Croatia

Multiplier Event in Croatia


online events: Dec 15 & 20 2023

in-person events: Dec 12 & 16 2023

Impact Hub Zagreb has decided, based on its past experiences of best practices for implementing multiplier events, to organize a series of events in December 2023 disseminating the e-Makers project results, leveraging their other projects’ work and the work of some of their local partners. Among other, they strongly believe potential impact of dissemination efforts that leads to new opportunities depends on selecting the right dissemination context, momentum and building upon the existing knowledges & networks.

Thus, they organized 2 online events where they merged with another 2 ERASMUS+ projects, one of their own - CAPSULE project for young women future entrepreneurs and the other - project of their local partner organisation - BRODOTO social enterprise specializes in digital marketing campaigns for social change projects and presented their project and the results to the students of University North in an online format as their headquarters is in Krizevci, a small city east of Zagreb.

The first online event (Dec 15 - 23) was actually a hybrid event where 15 participants were online and 9 in the room was an introduction to the entrepreneurial boot camp for young women where they leveraged the opportunity and introduced the participants to the e-Makers project context, objectives and results. They also announced the online game as all the participating young women expressed their intention to include a social impact aspect to their future enterprises and several of them are at the same time youth workers addressing target groups such as marginalized youth groups, socially excluded children, young mothers etc.

Online participants’ registration document (Zoom): submitted

Although it second one (Dec 20-23) was an online event, which often has challenges of participants’ collaboration, students were present, engaged and asked questions, which was especially so thanks to their lead lecturer who co-hosted the event with us. The event opened so many interests, that beyond the scope of this project, they agreed on collaboration to continue leveraging the project results, know how and topics to work with students, especially enhancing their internal but publicly oriented Innovation festival focused on disseminating impact-oriented initiatives of young people. The event gathered total of 88 participants. Brodoto social enterprise shared the experience of their journey and the impact till now, especially focusing on digital tools supporting crowdfunding efforts.

Online participants’ registration document (Google Meetup): attached

They also organized 2 in-person events where they merged with another 2 events - launching event of one of their own programs for environmentally oriented microentrepreneurs where diverse set of stakeholders have been invited and they believed it was  agreat change to share the results of e-Makers project and open interest into future collaborations with complementary focus and objectives; and annual impact report event they organize each year for their network locally.

As they were about to launch a new program for environmentally oriented microenterprises in Croatia, they used the opportunity to invite to the in-person event (Dec-12 23) diverse key players - social (entrepreneurs), young people, young professionals and mentors to the event and used the opportunity again to disseminate their e-Makers work and the potential to continue their efforts of improving the social entrepreneurship activities of young people using digitalization beyond the scope of the project. There were 33 people present.

Participants’ registration document

Similarly, they also leveraged their annual Impact Hub Zagreb in-person impact reporting event (Dec-16 23), taking place every December, to present 3 selected projects - 2 they are about to complete at the end of 2023 and 1 that onboarded in 2023 - one of them being the e-Makers project and its context, objectives and results but also perspectives to leverage upon that work locally in the future with some of the present partners (key players in the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship, youth work). There were 27 people present.

Participants’ registration document