Multiplier Event in Italy

Multiplier Event in Italy

TDM 2000 International

Event Title: “Rivoluzionare le imprese con la tecnologia”

TDM 2000 International organised the event of the  14th December 2023 to promote and disseminate the results of the project e-Makers.

Based on prior experience with the organisation of online events and the math of post-covid 19 pandemic, it is known that people are not interested in joining online events. Taking this into consideration and the local context, the event was organised in Cagliari, in presence.

The total number of participants in the event was 60.

The event aimed at:

  • Promoting and disseminating the results of the project “e-Makers”;
  • Testing and giving feedback about the virtual board game;
  • Promoting non-formal education methodology for teaching social entrepreneurship;
  • General presentation of the activities of the Erasmus+ program.

Target group present in the events:

  • Youth workers
  • Youngsters
  • Schools
  • Teachers and educators
  • Trainers
  • Members of youth organisations

The Event

The event unfolded through three key sessions, each carefully structured to maximize engagement and information dissemination. Initially, the focus was on introducing the latest version of the toolkit and its accompanying manual to the designated target groups. Following the informative session, participants were seamlessly transitioned into an engaging presentation of the Virtual Board Game. After the introductory presentation, the participants were divided into smaller groups to do interactive activities that encapsulated the key themes and outcomes of the project. In the smaller groups the activities were concluded with a Q&A and discussion.

Corner 1- Testing the virtual board game

Considering that the game can be played either on PC or tablet, logistical constraints unfortunately prevented all participants from engaging in hands-on gameplay.

A group of participants from a local high-school that has a digital focus in the curriculum tested the game using their tablets.

At the end of the game, there was a discussion and exchange of thoughts on the topics addressed in the game, ways on how to teach youngsters about social entrepreneurship and how to grow news generations of social entrepreneurs that use digitalisation.

Corner 2-  “Ecological Renaissance mural” workshop

The participants were presented briefly with the game and encouraged to play it after the event. After that they engaged in an interactive activity called “The Ecological Renaissance mural” created by Julian Dossier. The workshop is intended to envision a sustainable future and serves as a great continuation of the introduction session about the project activities.

They adapted the activity and applied in the context where participants:

  • had to reflect about what they saw in the city that was missing or needed to be changed;
  • discussed about social enterprises that could be created
  • integrated ideas about how to make their community more sustainable.

At the end of the activity, a debriefing and evaluation session was held.

Corner 3- Virtual reality experience

TDM 2000 International is strongly committed to digital transformation in the educational setting. Considering also that the aim of the project was to promote digital tools and instruments they used several Virtual Reality visors during the event.

The aim was:

  • to acquaint the participants with innovative digital instruments;
  • do small activities and games on the topic of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship;
  • to entertain the participants.

This corner was operative through the duration of the activity and the participants rotated to try them.