Multiplier Event in Spain

Multiplier Event in Spain

XUL Foundation

XUL Foundation decided to make it face-to-face at Loyola University during the entrepreneurship week (24 to 28 of October) to guarantee the participation of more people in the multiplier event.

The proposal was written during a rather vulnerable time when it was not clear what was going to happen with COVID, so online events were preferred and recommended. Circumstances have fortunately changed and they can meet again in person, which makes the experience even richer as people are not hiding behind screens and you can get to discuss by looking into people's eyes.

The  multiplier event was an example of the good experience they had when they held it in person, not only because of the large number of attendees but also because of the final reflections and the participation in the question and answer session.

What were the aims of the multiplier event?

- Introducing the results of the project to target groups

- Raising the awareness of young people about digital social entrepreneurship and environmental issues

- Receiving feedback for the results from target groups

- Increasing the interest of target groups in project activities and digital social entrepreneurship and environmental issues

- Guiding more young people and youth workers on social entrepreneurship

- Expanding the target group network of the project with the connections of target groups

Target Groups:

- Students/ Youth Workers /Social Entreprises/ Young People


During the presentation, XUL Foundation presented the results of the project. They talked about the Pack of non-formal tools of digital social entrepreneurship that is divided into a more theoretical part where the types of entrepreneurship are differentiated, and there are inspiring stories and practical cases. In addition, it also consists of non-formal activities to be developed with young people.

They also presented the manual of digitalization where the different phases to create a company are established and where the digital tools that you can use to create or digitize your business are indicated.

They showed the virtual board game in which they are currently immersed with constant improvements, and they also showed the project's website so that everybody could see all the material produced during these two years.

They talked about the opportunities that entrepreneurs or people with an interest in the field have had with the visit that took place in Soria, where participants from Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Turkey gathered to live a great week immersed in the world of social entrepreneurship.

You can watch the video at the following link:

In addition, the conference was enlivened by the presence of Gregorio Magno, founder, and CEO of “Ciclogreen” an all-in-one platform that helps companies reduce their CO2 emissions by promoting sustainable mobility for commuting to work.

Those present (more than 70 guests) had the opportunity to hear firsthand the entire process since the company was created and the ups and downs until it reached where it is today.

In addition, there was a very enriching question-and-answer session to end the day.